So it’s January 1st.  Hope you emjoyed your NYE however you celebrated.  We managed to drain a few bottles of wine and a bottle of Cava while eating pizza and watching Star Wars.  Then my friend K arrived and we drank some more wine and watched shitty NYE television until midnight.  All in all a successful end to the year, I would say.

Now I have set my reading goal for 2012 at 52 books.  I didn’t actually read all 50 in 2011, I am sorry to say.  I realized yesterday afternoon while I was in the shower that I had one more book to read, and then it went right out of my head.  Ah well.  49 is not too shabby, I guess.  And setting this goal really did help me focus on reading more which is always a good thing.  So 2012, let’s get it on.  What to read first?  Well I do have Tony Judt’s Postwar burning a hole in my Kobo.  Why not start the year off with 900+ pages about Europe after WWII?  Seems as good a place to start as any.

As for other goals and goal-setting?  I’m going to have to give those some thought.  Maybe once the coffee has taken hold.  The only goal I can foresee right now is walking to the kitchen for another coffee and perhaps stacking the wine bottles from last night. 

Baby steps, right?

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