Get out of town!

It’s Friday, people!  Rejoice!

I’m off this evening to that magical land known as the US of A to hang with my good friend C.  We are meeting in a town that is approximately half way between where she lives (Grand Rapids, MI) and where I live.  It just so happens that her lovely daughter and son-in-law live at this halfway point, so I will get to have a nice visit with them too. 

The nice thing about this arrangement is that it’s a shorter trip for both of use AND we will be not 30 minutes from the city of Ann Arbor, home of Michigan Stadium and the Wolverines.  As far as football mascots go, the wolverine is up there with the most intense, no?  Sometimes I watch these US college games and think “pfft a Cornhusker?  A Duck?  That’s what I’m supposed to be afraid of?”  But you KNOW with a wolverine, that sucker means business.  Anyway, I like football and I like Michigan, so I’m pretty stoked to check out the place where it all goes down.

I’m planning to bring my netbook so I will so some updating.  I have to, right?  NaBloPoMo has no sympathy for my trip outside the country!  I must continue to blog!  So I will.  Dammit.  But I’m going to do it ensconced in maize and blue and quite possible pickled in gin. 

You KNOW you can’t wait.

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