Summer shizzle

So after my amazing comeback, I have apparently done shit on this here blog lately.  Even the spammers stopped spamming.  That’s kind of a low point, I realize.  Anyway.

The good news is that it’s summer and so far this summer the weather has actually been pretty sweet.  If 40C with 900% humidity is what you would call sweet.  I call it hot.  And sticky.  And wilting.  But it’s ok, because at this time last summer our family had just returned from a trip to the east coast where it had rained pretty much the entire time.  Which is, in a way, par for the course when you’re out there, but this was even ridiculous for the maritimes, let me tell you.  And, it was cold comfort to know that the rest of the country was suffering under the same wet blanket of misery, but at least we weren’t alone.

But not this year.  This year we have sun and blue skies and the occasional thunderstorm/rain delay kind of thing, but for the most part, it’s pretty damned awesome, and no deals need to be made with the devil in order to guarantee balmy temperatures and sun for outdoorsy type events. 

So because of that, we enjoyed a lovely weekend at a cottage in the north country this past weekend with The Genealogist’s family.  Swimming, tubing, kayaking, all those fun water sports were available, which was awesome.  Lots of good food, cocktails and sitting in the sun.  It was good times and the weather was perfect.  The “sitting in the sun” thing never last very long for me, though, as I am vampire-like in my whiteness, and even a bit of sun exposure turns me scarily pink and red and even the 100SPF (I know!!) sunscreen I have been using only last so long, so it’s off to the shade for me.  Which is fine, I can sit on my ass reading a book and enjoying a gin & tonic just as well in the shade as I can in the sun.  Maybe even better. 

But in spite of my best efforts to remain as ghostlike as possible, I did get a bit of a pinky hue, as well as about a thousand more freckles.  Ah well.  No major burns, (Major Burns? ha!) nothing dangerous, just this conversation with the lady in my workplace cafe on Monday morning:

her:  Hey, how was your weekend?

me:  Oh it was great, thanks – went up north to a cottage, did some swimming, alla that – good times!

her: A cottage?  Really?  You were outside?

me:  Um, yes…quite a lot, actually

her: But it was so sunny all weekend!  And your skin is the same!  You’re still so……so……so….WHITE!

I guess it’s all about perspective, people.  All about perspective.

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