OMG spring? Is that you?

Can we talk about this weather? I mean, come ON. It’s the 18th of March and it’s 15C out there. Or at least that’s what they tell me. I am in a hermetically sealed building – albeit with a kickass view – with no breeze. But it’s looking sunny and gorgeous and my snowdrops are busting out all over, plus I have tulips and daffodils just killing time until they too can rise up and show their pretty faces to the world.   It. Is. Awesome.

This is the time of year normally when I start to get antsy. Like, really antsy, about getting out in the gardens and just givin’ ‘er. Raking, digging, edging, you name it. Usually when I get these early springtime urges, there is a foot of snow covering everything, so other than going outside and standing and planning, there’s not much I can do. But this week, not only do I want to start the cleanup process, but I want to start hauling soil and PLANTING THINGS!! Of course, hello UIG, you live in southern Ontario. It it WAY too early for any of that. We are months away from actual planting weather, but damn. The smell of dirt is in the air and I just want to roll around in it. And when it all changes next week – and it will – I’m gonna probably need some therapy.

Fortunately, being the good planner that I am, I have some already therapy lined up!  A trip to the Beer Bistro in Toronto is planned for Saturday night, to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.  I am a fan of beer, and so I am very much looking forward to visiting this establishment, particularly after listening to Here & Now yesterday afternoon and their tasty sounding discussion of the “beer cocktail” trend.  Recipes included!

Now, please enjoy the song that had been stuck in my head since I went to see this awesome band that I loved in the 80s, who were able to prove that they are still pretty awesome and cool and shit:  

And now, please enjoy this next song, which is NOW stuck in my head since a trip to Zellers with my mother last night:

I used to love this freaking show

Sang along people, and knew every fucking word.  Captain & Tennille fans, represent.

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