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On getting the number of the truck that hit me

You know, there is such a thing as taking a little time off between posts and then there’s what I did which is remain silent for over a week.  Not cool, UIG.  And I’ve had a bunch of posts banging around in my head since last Sunday, it’s just that the remainder of my head was taken up with preparing for my blue belt grading.  Which was Saturday.  And which kicked my ass in about 50 different ways. 

I was very prepared – I knew my stuff.  But at our karate school you can never really be truly prepared for a grading, because you just never know how it’s going to shake down.  I did have a pretty good idea that the fitness aspect of it was going to be an upper body workout, on account of the fact that 3 of us (seriously) have knee injuries.  So we started out with a bit of running but then.  Then!  We moved quickly into pushups and tricep dips – which we did from folding chairs.  Then we army crawled a few times and then it was back to the chairs.  So yeah, this here typing that I’m doing?  Actually causes me to sweat because I’m in that much pain.  Across my back, my arms and shoulders.  My legs however actually feel pretty good.  So there’s that I guess, I should be grateful?

Anyway, it’s over and done with and I was successful and earned my blue belt.  I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, I can barely lift my arms to dress myself in the morning, my elbows are bloody and my knees are bruised. 

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last night’s karate class: a tribute in Haiku

Ten exercises
Then, add ten more and so on
Stop at five hundred

It’s hard standing down-
Wind of all the teenage boys
Wish they’d do laundry

Head bouncing off mat
Why the hell did she drop me?
Okay, MY turn now

Home now, exhausted
Sweaty, stiff and very sore
Thank christ for shiraz