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Who knew?

When there is a book ready for me to pick up at my public library, the system sends me a message.  This is what is waiting for me:

You might have to click to enlarge it. 

Men.  Such an epidemic.*

In other news, so long November, don’t let the NaBloPoMo door hit your ass on the way out!  Actually, I’m kidding.  Daily November blogging was actually pretty fun and not as stressful as I remember from previous years, which is pretty awesome, right?  So we’ll have to do it again real soon.  Like next November.  That’s soon enough.

*actual book title is Emerging epidemics: the menace of new infections. Aren’t you glad I’m probably not likely to be at one of your holiday parties?

Did you see it?

The little badge I added?  I’m going to attempt it this year.  No, really.  “UIG, WTF?” you are probably saying.  And you’d be right to do so.  After yesterday’s downer of a post and the amount of stress that’s in my life at the present time, you’d think the last thing I’d want to do is try to come up with something to blog about every mothereffing day for the next month.  But yeah, why not give it a shot?  Why not decant my stress into 30 days of individual healthy servings?  Why not share the batshit?  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I make no promises for witty or interesting.  Like the slogan says, “Post every day for 30 days.  That’s all you have to do”. 

Minimal requirements and low expectations.  I think I can get behind that.

Feel the vibration

Oh blogfriends, it’s a happy day!  Yes, it’s Friday!  But that’s not all.  I have also finally chosen my Bloglines successor, and I have to say it’s a pretty slick one.  As you know Bloglines, the reader I’ve been using for years now is shutting down at the end of this month.  Originally it was supposed to be the 1st of October, but they must have received a stay of execution, because now all notices say November 1st.  Which is a week from this coming Monday.  I know.  Crazy that next weekend is Halloween, no? 

Anyway, after checking out a few I have settled on Netvibes, and I’m pretty stoked.  It’s more than just a news reader (duh, UIG aren’t they all?) but this one seems particularly intuitive and in touch with my needs.  By which I mean it’s purdy and easy to use and understand for a loser like me.

So huzzah, anyway!  And in honour of my new Vbes of the Net variety, I offer the following.  Because ever since I signed up, this song has been in my head and it wouldn’t be fair not to share it.

Still gonna miss my old Bloglines, but sometimes new is such a sweet sensation, you know?

Bloglines we hardly knew ye…

Remember when I said before that I fear change?  Well, guess what?  My old faithful blog reader that I have used since it began is about to be no more.  That’s right, Bloglines is shutting down for good, and I am really sad about it, y’all. 

When I started reading blogs, like most people, I would just go to them each day, check to see if there was something new, blah blah blah, this is not news to people in the blog world.  At the time, I was working in an academic library and was contributing to the library’s blog – as well as working on my own – and since part of what I did was to scour the blogosphere (is that term still relevant?  Have we moved on to blogiverse or something else?  I don’t know) for items of interest, and the best way to do that was to use an aggregator to keep them all in one place.  I don’t think Bloglines was the very first web-based news feed reader (although someone please let me know if I’m wrong) but it was certainly the one that fit for me.  And I’ve used it ever since, and it has never let me down, not once.

So, what now?  As of October 1st I need to find myself a new reader.  I guess the simplest thing would be to use the ubiquitous Google Reader, but I have to admit that I’ve had a look at it, and I just don’t like it.  I’ve actually gone so far as to export my links to it, and I’ve played around on it but still.  Not liking it.

So, I’m asking around.  What do you use and do you like it and would you recommend it?  I’ve only got a couple of weeks left to figure something out, otherwise it’s back to the pre-2005 days or checking link after link.  And really, who has time for that kinda shiz?

Goodbye, Bloglines, it’s been great.  We’ve been together for 5 years, which is a hella long time on the interwebs, when you get right down to it.  I still have some of my original subscriptions too, and I guess if there was a prize for loyalty I just might be eligible. 

I will provide an update to my blog reading saga, no doubt.  Check back with me on October 2nd to see how I’m doing my withdrawal symptoms!


This new theme for my blog is because the other one got discontinued.  This bums me out, because I liked the old one, it suited who I am and the way I thought about this blog.  Also, I FEAR CHANGE. 

So I’m going to play around with a few themes and settings and see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll accept feedback as to which theme should be the new UIG!  Or, maybe I’ll assert complete dictator-like control and make all the decisions myself.

Yes, that seems more likely.


I know I don’t get a lot of traffic on this blog – prolly cos I don’t write much, ya think?  Anyway, today I logged on to see a big ol’ flat line of nothing doing view- and activity wise for weeks and weeks.  And that just ain’t right, folks.  So it’s time to step up the UIG bloggy action.  I’m feeling it, I really am.  And you know what’s the best part?  My new partner in this business:  Say hello to my little friend

So no excuses now, right?  All blogging all the time, right?  Damn straight.

Just, um, give me a day or two to think of something, ok?  Thanks.

New poetry form: Spamku?

I think I mentioned at the beginning of this here blog that I used to blog at another spot.  It’s still around, I just don’t update it anymore.  But all the content is there, and it is still open to commenting.  Which has proven to be kind of awesome. 

Every once in awhile I check it out and there are the usual 27 lines of a language I don’t understand, with the words “penis” and “viagara” thrown in, as one would expect.  Today I paid the old blog a quick visit to check on things and I would like to share with you the three most recent comments on one of my final posts:

I will not concur on it.  I think

precise post.  Especially the title

attracted me to review the sound


Genial dispatch and this post helped

me alot in my college assignement.

Gratefulness you as your


Nice post and this mail helped me

alot in my college assignement.

Thank you as your information.

I actually think that’s pretty awesome. 

In other news we are getting a whole hella snow today.  The view outside my window has been all upside down snowglobe all the time since about 10am.  And freezing rain expected tonight to add to the drama! 

I do love me some winter.  But I will not concur on it.  You heard me.

Blogging blah-de-blah, brought to you by my lunch break. Again.

Did anyone do NaBloPoMo this year?  My hat’s off to y’all if you did.  When I was writing my old blog, I did it a couple of times.  Last year I managed to do 29 of the 30 daily required posts.  TWENTY.  NINE.  But then, on November 30th, we went out to see The Sadies at Casbah, and I totally crapped out.  Disappointing, but hey – at least I wasn’t just washing my socks or something, I was out tearing it up!  But yeah.  This year the idea didn’t even cross my mind.  Why is that, you might wonder?  Well for starters, blogging every day, trying to think of something witty, intelligent, thought-provoking for 30 days in a row is HARD.  When I do blog, I want it to be significant and memorable – uh, yeah just like I’m doing now…yeah, totally.  But whatever.  It was one of those things where the experiment was fresh the first and second time around, but this year?  Just not as interested, I guess. 

The other thing that makes it tough is time.  And not “oh I’m so crazy busy I have NO TIME TO BLOG!” because hi, I’m blogging and doing it fairly regularly, I might add.  But I am finding it difficult to find a time to blog at home because the children are always on our computer.  Like, always.  Or it seems that way anyhow. 

We have one computer, located in our dining room.  This is, the experts tell us, the thing to do when you have kids – keep the computer in a public area, less chance that they’ll do stuff that they shouldn’t, and more chance that you’ll know what they’re up to when they’re on it.  Makes perfect sense, and I would also like to add the The Genealogist and I totally called that BEFORE all the experts weighed in on what not to do with computers and kids, so we can totally feel smug, and we do.  Right now, The Musician is all over YouTube, looking up songs and artists that he likes.  He has also discovered Ed Friedland The Bass Whisperer and, being a bass player himself, he’s hooked on these videos.  The Artist enjoys Club Penguin and has a CD ROM video game design software that has him up creating video games til the wee hours, with only Red Bull and Doritos to keep him going.  Wait, no.  That’s me looking into his future…  And then there’s The Genealogist who, in keeping fully with his moniker, spends a good portion of his free time searching databases for ancestral records, and maintaining his own records, and doing whatever else it is that semi-professional genealogists do up til the wee hours, but instead of Red Bull and Doritos, think Shiraz and cheese and crackers.

Noble pursuits all, I completely agree.  But what this means for me is that I have precious little time to goddamn blog.  Sure, I can quickly check my email and scan through updates on Facebook (often updating my own status as “Elizabeth can’t talk now, need to get off computer in order that…”  Ahaha I jest.  Sort of.

So really what I’m trying to say is that the day has finally come where we actually need another computer in our house.  And by we, I mean me, and by computer I mean laptop that I can take with me wherever I go.  Because how I have gone this long without an adorable netbook or something, I really don’t know.  I don’t.  Or, I do actually, because those things require dough, and that is something we are seriously lacking these days.  At least for things like adorable netbooks to keep me blogging. 

So I formulate blog posts in my head, scribble some notes on actual paper as I go about my day and then, spend my lunch break writing my posts.  Is that any way for a blogger to have to behave, I ask you??  It’s sad, isn’t it?  So I post this plea, on the off chance that some amazingly wealthy and philanthropic benefactor will read it and think “my god, that girl is brilliant – witty, intelligent and thought-provoking!  How does she NOT have a netbook yet!”,  and just, you know, help a girl out.

I guess if I am expecting dreams like that to come true, I probably ought to be writing witty, intelligent  and thought-provoking,  hadn’t I?  Um, ok next time.  Promise. 

Now I gotta clean up the egg salad I spilled on my keyboard.

On [re]inventing myself on the interwebs

Back in 2005 I started a blog and I kept it up for about four years.  I’m not going to link to it here, although it might come up in subsequent posts or conversations, but for its run, it really served me well.  I made lots of posts.  Some of them were even interesting!  I had readership.  Some awesome people I didn’t even actually know!  So it was good, but then it became not as good.  I don’t know what it was, but around January of this year, I ended it.  And I was mostly ok with that.   

Over the summer I realized I missed the writing.  I missed the bloggy conversations.  I just missed it all.  I toyed with the idea of blowing the dust off the old blog with a “Hey I’m back did you miss me?” post, but that didn’t seem – I don’t know – right.  Part of the reason I stopped blog #1 was lack of focus.  The first blog started out as an experiment for work, actually.  The library where I was working was in the early stages of blogging, and in order to find out what it was all about, I started my own.  Early posts were somewhat work-related, library-related, with a bit of “me” thrown in for good measure.  Later the focus turned more to me and my thoughts, with a few library thangs thrown in for good measure.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but after awhile, the fire went out.  Until now.

So why the Urban Info Girl?  Well, as I said, I needed to refocus, and so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to blog about.  When I got right down to it, the things that meant a lot to me, that – if you will indulge me a bit – defined me, were all right there in that moniker.  It seemed perfect!  Urban – well, I grew up in and continue to live in a large-ish urban centre in Ontario.  City girl, city slicker, whatever you want to call me, it fits.  I am unabashedly urban, and urbanness (urbanicity?) matters to me.  I love the city where I live, I am fiercely proud of its history and excited for its future.  Amazing things are being done on a daily basis in this city, and although it may be reviled (too harsh?) by others, my roots run deep.  The city will feature prominently, guaranteed.  Info – short for information, of course.  I am a Library & Information Technician – or LIT, which come on, is that not the best series of letters to have after your name?  Think about it:  Your Name, LIT.  I love it.  But besides that, it’s what I do, and in some respects, what I am, although I hesitate to be defined by my job, but there you have it.  I have worked in a variety of libraries over the past 15 or so years, so the info part fits well there, but I also have a vast untapped store of useless information and knowledge in my brain, which I bust out on occasion, causing most people in my presence to go “Dude, how do you even know shit like that?  And why??”  It’s a gift.  Lastly, Girl – again, it’s what I am.  I suppose I could have gone with woman, and I thought of that, but I identify more as girl.  So combined with Urban and Info, Girl topics will include, but are not limited to, music and fashion, feminist issues, motherhood, work and career, my own insecurities, books I like, the slippery slope to menopause and much, much more!  It’s like having three authors of one blog, only it will just be me.  And just to be clear, I won’t be tagging posts based on which portion of me is doing the writing at the time.  That would be silly, because it’s all connected.  Get it?  Urban girl, girl info, urban info, info girl…or any combination thereof.  Don’t worry, I’m not exactly sure about it yet either.  But we can blaze the trail together.

So welcome (or welcome back).  The UIG is in the house, y’all.