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Weather and related

Supercrawl was superfun – in spite of the fact that it pissed down rain the entire time we were there.  Oh yes it did.  This was no light drizzle, no “spitting” (which is probably the grossest term for a light rain ever, am I right?) no heavy mist – no, none of that.  It Pissed.  Down.  Rain.  Which I guess, to be fair, is probably more disgusting a term than spitting.  But still.  I prefer the imagery of the clouds pissing than spitting.  But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, The Genealogist and I hopped a bus down to the festivities and began our crawl.  And it was pretty spectacular to see so many people out on such a craptastic night.  The vibe was warm though, with loads of entertainment, vendors, and people just generally having a really good time.  The galleries were crowded and damp, but  it was truly awesome to rub elbows with artcrawlers and artists alike.  We saw people we knew and chatted under umbrellas.  We drank wine and looked at art.  We ventured into art supply and vintage accessory stores and continued to marvel that this shiz was going down right in our town, right under our noses.  It was just so rad.

And then Saturday I was sick – not sick, sick.  But sick.  As in a bad cold that caused me to be crabby and congested and lethargic and achy.  And then Sunday was our big Thanksgiving dinner at my mum’s which is kind of a command performance, so I showed up with a squash dish and proceeded to snot all over myself, then drank enough wine to dull the aches and then spent the holiday Monday lying around watching football and snotting all over myself some more while the boys all did productive things like play videogames and watch tv and pat my head every so often.  Ugh.  I fucking hate being sick.  Then The Genealogist and I watched Kill Bill which made me feel much better.  I can’t explain that, although I did have a friend in high school who insisted that listening to ABBA while he was sick made him better.  I don’t know, man.  When you need someone to kick the snot out of you?  My money is on Uma.

Learning to crawl

We are in the middle of the week, the lead-up to our Thanksgiving weekend and I am stoked.  The Genealogist and I have turned the 3-day weekend that we normally get for Thanksgiving, into a 4-day weekend by taking the following Tuesday off as well.  What prompted this?  Well, partly he was told to use up all his vacation by the end of the calendar year or risk losing it.  So there’s that.  Plus I do enjoy me a 3-day work week, and since I haven’t really had any time off since late June/early July, it seemed to come at a good time.  Plans?  No, nothing comes to mind just yet.  But the thought of hanging around drinking coffee while the boys get themselves off to school is a delicious one, let me tell you.

But before all that happens, we have Supercrawl to attend!  I know!  It really is going to be as amazing as it sounds!

So the city of Hamilton has, for decades upon decades, been known as Steel Town.  This does of course make perfect sense, since it is home to two of the largest steel manufacturers in Canada, as well as a few smaller ones.  This too makes perfect sense, since Hamilton is located on a natural harbour, making shipping raw materials relatively easy.  And when you unload those materials, doesn’t it make sense to just, you know, use them right there?  As opposed to say sending them across the province?  Of course it does, and thus Steel Town was born, and thrived.  At least it did.

Now, some of the smaller factories are gone and the larger ones partly (or mostly) sit idle.  It’s strange to see the once bustling waterfront so silent and still.  It’s hard on a city to lose such a vast part of itself, but fortunately Hamilton is pretty good at picking itself up and dusting itself off, and if not completely starting all over again, at least branching out to  find some good in what could become a pretty desperate situation.

Which brings us to art.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Hamilton has undergone a bit of a renaissance when it comes to art.  We have always had a stellar large gallery, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, as well as several galleries scattered here and there throughout the city, but over the past several years one area of the city in particular has become a sort of gathering place for artists, and the movement has just taken off.  James St. North has become the place to be for art in the city, and the second Friday night of every month is Art Crawl.  Galleries and shops open their doors to visitors, there is music and hors d’oeuvres and mingling and, of course, art viewing and appreciating.  I have yet to be able to attend an Art Crawl, so I am super excited to be going this Friday evening.  Supercrawl is a bigger and more involved Art Crawl – they are closing the street to vehicles, there will be lots more bands and just a whole lot more stuff going on. 

I love that this sort of thing goes on in my city.  I love that we can be known as a hardcore steel city and an art community.  I love that the music scene in Hamilton kicks ass.  I love when people from other places say “wow, I didn’t know Hamilton had ____”. 

Stuff goes wrong in this city, but lots of stuff goes very, very right too.  I think Art Crawl is one of those things that is spot on.  And I can’t wait to tell you all about it.