Two Oh One Six

Oh this is the year, friends. The one where I make my triumphant return to the blogosphere. I have been gone awhile, is it still the blogosphere, or is there another term for this place? See? I don’t even know the lingo anymore. But! It’s fine, I’ll relearn. I’ll relearn it all, don’t you see? Commitment. It’s in me.

Looking over to my sidebar, it would seem that I made the leap back around this very time LAST YEAR. Coincidence? I think so. It’s that time of year, where we’re alllll of us making promises and changes and planning to do better and do more (or less) of any variety of things. And it’s great! Until it isn’t. Kind of like what my friend Vivian recently said about opening more wine: “Opening another bottle of wine to drink more wine is great! Until it isn’t.” And we’ve all been there. So what about blogging? Is opening the proverbial can of blog worms so you can blog more great, until it isn’t? Or will it remain great in perpetuity? I think it’s time I found out again.

So let’s get to it.

The year is already 4 days old, and today is really the first day that I’ve experienced 2016 for reals. I woke up sick on the morning of the 1st (please, no hangover digs, because if I legit had a hangover that lasted 3 full days, I would be SO PROUD of myself and would be blogging right now about my own prowess) and remained so until some time midday yesterday. I am feeling rather ripped off, considering I had very little time off during the holidays to begin with, then had to spend the majority of my final holiday long weekend in bed sipping ginger ale and feeling sorry for myself. And, in fits and starts, feeling sorry for my family who had to put up with me.

Today I am basically better, and planning to add the three days that I lost to the end of the year, making this leap year the longest ass leap year that ever leaped. I have no actual plan for this, and it’s kind of an impossibility, but it made me feel better to type that out. In a more realistic kind of way, I’m probaby just going to take a vacation day or two in the next few weeks to make up for the days that I lost. Less calendar printing hassles that way.

If you’re still with me, I can promise you one thing: not every post will be this kind of ranting. There will definitely be other kinds of ranting as well.

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