Breaking blog silence

And we’re back.


I wish I even had an excuse.  But I don’t.  Laziness isn’t an excuse.  Nor is being overworked.  I am not either of those things.  Well, ok, sometimes I am lazy.  BUT.  I am making a concerted effort to blog once more.  And let us never speak of this silly, silly hiatus again.

So.  Hai!  How was your festive season?  Have you resolved your resolutions?  Who’s gearing up for the Super Bowl?  And then it’s almost Groundhog Day, amirite folks?

Formalities complete!  Moving on.

I know I said I wasn’t going to make excuses but here I go anyway.  You know how when you’re super busy at work and you have a lot to do, and sometimes almost too much to do, and your brain is working overtime and you’re feeling creative, and that level of creativity begets more creativity that you can channel into such creative outlets as, oh say, YOUR BLOG?  I know, right?!  Amazing.  Well, let’s just say that I have not had any of that in quite some time.  For a number of reasons (which I won’t fully get into here) I’m not happy at my current job.  It took me awhile to own it and say out loud “I am really not enjoying my work anymore” because let’s face it, it’s good to have a job.  It’s really good to have a job, and to look your job straight in the face and say “you’re dead to me”?  Well, it just doesn’t seem right somehow.  Yet there it is, and it’s true and it’s out there and I really want to do something else.

Because when you’re unhappy in your work – or if not entirely unhappy, just not that into it anymore – a lot of things suffer.  At least for me a lot of things suffer and the thing that seems to suffer most is my creative spirit.  It seems a bit counterintuitive when you think of it.  Girl is somewhat bored at her job, girl has some extra time on her hands during the work day, girl could likely use some of that time constructively to write and blog and perform other creative tasks.  Alas, it doesn’t work that way for me. 

I mentioned before that it’s not time I’m lacking, it’s space, and that still holds true.  Currently I have created a couch cushion fort with… No, I’m kidding.  But I am on my couch with my laptop while epic battles are being fought on the family computer in the dining room, and dishes are being noisily done in the kitchen.  If the oldest son was at home there would also likely be some sweet guitar riffs blasting from somewhere close by as well. I have pulled the ottoman as close as possible so I’m kind of walled in – and have a place for my drink, obviously – and while I admit it’s not the perfect set-up, it will have to do, for now.  I am in the process of carving out a spot in our attic just for me.  I envision a luxe area rug, an antique writing desk and… Again, no.  Nothing fancy, just a place to go and recharge my brain. 

So I’m hopeful about a lot of things.  That I can get back on some sort of track with writing mainly, but also that the job situation can be either salvaged or scrapped in favour of something new and better. 

As always, I’ll keep you posted, blogfriends. 

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