FML – Health Edition

You know how when things are going well and you’re just hanging out, enjoying life and all the good things that happen? Except that you can’t, not really, because you are – as my mother would have said – “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. Because you think, “Dammit, life, why you gotta be SO good right now, clearly some shit is about to go DOWN. Hard.” Right?
Here’s something. Last Sunday The Genealogist received his 1st degree black belt in karate. I know! It’s amazing, and he has worked SO hard for the past 6 and a half years. He had back surgery in 2009 – back motherfucking surgery, people. And he bounced back from that and continued to train. Then, in 2010, he developed pericarditis – and infection and inflammation of the lining around the HEART – which causes extreme pain, shortness of breath and just overall suckitude. AND he bounced back from that, and continued to train. And the culmination of all that happened on the weekend, when he was presented with his belt by his two Senseis. And he made a speech that made me cry BUT LET’S JUST NOT GO THERE RIGHT NOW OK? Seriously though. Amazing, amazing accomplishment. And I’m so damn proud of that guy. So. Great, right?
Then, let’s not forget the other amazing thing going on right now, and that is that The Musician’s band has been nominated for a bunch of Hamilton Music Awards. Best new group, Best rock recording, and Best local group – this last one is by the People’s Choice. Pretty huge, and these tender young boys (can we please just pause a moment and let it sink in that they are all still in high school? Ok. Thanks.) are in some pretty serious company. So that’s happening Sunday and they have a gig tomorrow night and they are playing AT the awards ceremony as well, so it’s all so great and so exciting and the universe is all like, “Yeah, I know! Waaaay too great and exciting…oh, and did I mention what’s about to hit the fan in your life UIG?!”
So Monday night we noticed that one of our cats seemed to be feeling a bit off. Nothing we can really put our finger on – she doesn’t seem to be in pain, she is eating (not a lot, but she is eating) but she’s sleeping a LOT. Way more than usual, and in the same place for hours on end. And the thing with animals is that they can’t really tell you what’s up, so you really just have to be an observer to all of this, and hope that you’ve observed correctly and in time. Lucky for her, we are pretty astute, and we noticed her sleepy and lethargic behaviour almost right away, so she has a vet appointment this afternoon and we shall get to the bottom of it. But still. Shitty, right? Poor kitty.
Then, Tuesday morning when I got to work there was a message for me from a friend of my mum’s – who is also one of my favourite people in the world. “Hi!” said her upbeat and cheery voice “Just letting you know I’m going to be at the hospital tomorrow, because I’m having a tumour removed. So I wanted you to know and I will talk to you soon.”
What. The. Fuck.
I went to visit her today and surgery has really, really taken its toll on this adorable and wonderful lady. But she is optimistic and hopeful and we had a lovely chat – about everything except her diagnosis. She’s clearly not ready to go there just yet. One step at a time, right? Get out of the hospital after surgery, and then carry on with whatever is next. But one step at a time.
You all know the expression “live in the moment” I’m sure. And it’s so important to do that, I know. And I really try, I do. But there is always – always – that “other shoe”. The one that says “Nuh-uh, you KNOW what’s coming don’t you get too complacent, ok?”
But I guess, in a way, this is even MORE reason to live in that moment, to enjoy each day, to savour the small things. Because you DON’T know what’s ahead and life is going to throw you curve balls and you’re going to have to keep swinging at them until you finally hit one out of the park. (Dude. Baseball analogy much?)
So, blogfriends, please think of my friends this weekend – the furry one and the human one – and hope for healthy days ahead, and smooth and easy recoveries.
And honestly, if there is yet ANOTHER shoe that has yet to drop? I’m probably just going to have to beat myself over the head with it repeatedly.

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