November blog post #6 – US election night edition!

OMG people, do you have any idea what is going on south of the border?

Yeah, you do.  Of course you do.  And, are you drinking along with it?  Well you should be.  We are watching CBC, and a slightly stoned Peter Mansbridge is giving us the straight goods. (disclaimer: I have no evidence he is stoned, I only know that I would be if I was in his chair.  Also he is waaaay too mellow for an anchor.  Seriously.)

Anyway, back to the drinking!

For every mention of the Fiscal Cliff (which isn’t – as I was sure it was – an overly tight-fisted Cliff Clavin) – drink.

For every reference to voting machine problems that reference those good ol’ Hanging Chads? – drink

What am I missing, friends?  I did come in to the coverage a bit late after kickboxing class (where I was hit in the head a few good times) so I don’t have all the good quotes.  But rest assured, I am drinking enough for both of us, in case you aren’t, even without a drinking game.

All comedy aside though, friends, let’s just hope for an Obama victory.


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