Requirements = Fulfilled

So I’m blogging, but I’m just not happy about it.  No, let me rephrase:  I’m happy that I have a blog, I’m just not happy with my approach to the whole blogging month thing.  I normally have posts on the go, posts in my head, ideas, etc. and for some reason this year?  Nothing.  I need to change that, and I will.  Trying to commit here.  Ok!

Today was a day where I was THROWN OFF COURSE.  I blame the time change, because honestly, it’s not like you can NOTICE that you get an extra hour of sleep.  If you’re like me (read: an old) you can’t actually sleep any later than normal so what is the point?  In fact, it’s worse, because your day starts earlier and ends at the same time, which means it ends later, right?  So that’s a no-win if you ask me.  Still it’s better than that whole “spring ahead” nonsense where they deliberately steal an hour from us.

I guess it was nice to be waking up in something other than total darkness today,but still.  I’m tired, people.  It’s after 10pm in my body, and so it’s bed time.

I know.  LAME.

I probably should have gone to a karate class tonight instead of sitting on my ass watching Jeopardy and eating Crispy Minis (BBQ, in case you’re wondering, and on sale at Fortino’s this week, DAMN) because exercise can energize you, right?  And normally I subscribe to that school of thought.  Just not today.  Today was a sitting kind of evening.  Even the kids were low-key and thankfully no one had any homework that required assistance from me.  So, continued sitting!  Hooray!

I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow.  After all tomorrow is Election USA!  Or, as I like to call it, Drinking Game Night in America!  Stay tuned, blogfriends.  Stay tuned.


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