Ramble on…and on….ad nauseam…

So I left you with a pretty heavy post, I know that.  And I apologize for not having a “kittens playing with yarn” chaser.  That totally would have been the right thing to do.  Next time.

Instead, I’m giving you a core dump of everything that is in my brain…  that is publishable.  Cos there are just some places no one needs to go, ok?  Also I am working up to another Bookish post – it’s been awhile!  I think that will be next.  But no promises.

#1 First Lady cookie bake-off:  I just learned that this is a thing.  Because where have I been for the past 20 years?  Not giving a shit which party has the bakingest wives, probably.  And while I am not anti-cookie, I am also not pro-women-proving-themselves-in-the-kitchen either because what the what?  I do, in a way, like that this whole thing came about because of something Hillary Clinton said, as she is all kinds of badass (seriously, people click the goddamned link it is the BEST website ever, even if it’s no longer being updated) but still.  In a political race that is filled with WTF that is maybe the most WTF-iest.

#2 Trudeaus be representin’:

OMG people I can’t even.  I can’t even with the shiny and the pretty and the “OMG he’s Pierre’s sonnnnnnn and he’s gooooooorgeous!”  and “Trudeaumaaaaaania!”  It’s like the country is still in mourning for the end of the royal wedding shiz from last year and now they have a new pretty face to throw their panties at.  And ok, that might be unfair, dude might do a bang-up job in the role as leader, who knows.  And anyway, whatever, Liberals.  There’s like, what, 3 of them now?  Good luck, buddy.

In other depressing news… In my continuous hunt for a job that doesn’t completely and utterly suck, I came across a listing for a part-time library information assistant position that pays around $10 more per hour than I make at my job – than I will EVER make at my job – which basically means I could work half the time and make as much money as I make now.  Depressing, right?  If this same job didn’t require weekend and evening work, I would be all over it.  Seriously, dropping to part-time hours would be amazeballs.  But evenings and weekends?  Maybe I’m spoiled with my 9-5er life that I’ve lived for the past 6 years or so, and it would be hard to go back to anything other than that.  Waah waah waah, UIG.  I know. 

Ok, changing gears now!  Here’s what’s awesome!

The Dinner Belles

You guys, I had the privilege to see this band twice in the past month and they Knocked. My. Socks. Right. Off.  If you don’t get chills with harmonies like these, then you’re going to have to check for a goddamned pulse.

Canada’s most awkward and reluctant rockstar (aka Dallas Green aka City and Colour) put on a stellar show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto and I was lucky enough to be there with a couple of my besties.  We had drinks and a ride into town, so it was a pretty sweet night.  Not a hardcore rocking time – that’s totally  not the style – but a feel-good, mellow rocking kind of time.  And that’s damn good for a Wednesday night, kids.

I’ve also got a few more shows lined up for the fall including The Who in Detroit (I KNOW!!!!1!!) and White Cowbell Oklahoma.  And if you remember this post you’ll know how excited I am for THAT night.

Until then, blogfriends!




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