Bookish vs Friday Reads: The Ultimate Smackdown?

If you’re someone who is on the Twitter, you’ve probably come across #FridayReads where other Twitterers ask what you’re reading.  On Fridays.  Hence the whole “Friday” thing.  I follow a few book-related people/organizations on Twitter, so once in awhile I’ve hashtagged what I’m reading, and sent it off to the Twitterverse.  If that’s a thing. 

And, as those of  you who read this blog know, I also do a little bit about what I’ve been reading here too, usually calling the blog post or the segment of the blog post “Bookish” or some variety of that word.  I believe I have used “Son of Bookish”, “Bookish II: Electric Boogaloo” – you know, catchy titles to indicate sequels to a (probably) overused and under-thought-out concepts.  Kind of like Hollywood does, amirite? (ooooh, buuuurn) 

Brief aside: a good 40% of this document so far is either green- or red-underlined by Word.  Word, honey.  You need to get with the program, this how we are all talking these days.

So anyway, what I am considering is incorporating my Bookish musings into a regular weekly Friday feature.  Hey, other bloggers have “features” maybe it’s time I did too.  I guess this means that I have to plan to blog at least once a week, on Friday, about a book that I have read or am currently reading.  Can I commit to that?  What do we think, blogfriends? 

As well, does anyone absolutely live for the Bookish posts?  Are you all getting your readin’ on cos of what I spew out here?  Or do you glaze over and find something else to do when I get all bookish?  I won’t feel bad if you reveal that it’s the latter, because as we’ve discussed in the past, I read some pretty weird shit. 

And I want to know because I’m toying with the idea of writing real, actual book reviews on here, not just my usual “OMG I lurrrved itttt!!!1” drivel.  No, no.  I am considering doing a full-on review, the likes of which I haven’t done since back in the days of my educational pursuits.  The kind where I may have to take notes about particular things and/or do some research.  I know!  But you, gentle readers, what do you think?  Would you read what I have to say about what I’m reading, knowing what you know about my batshit reading habits?  Because one thing I’m probably not going to do is read Eat, Pray, Love or whatever is up there these days on the bestsellers lists.  And let’s face it, if you want to read a review of a bestseller, there are much better reviewers out there, right?  You can go to the Globe and Mail or CBC Books or dozens of other sources for those, and get what you need to know.  No, I’m going to stick with my off-the-wall, off-the-beaten-path choices.  Sometimes they will be brand new just published-books, and other times they’ll be older, more established ones. 

So weigh-in with a comment and let me know your thoughts!  Also, I will take book recommendations too, if there’s something you think I absolutely should read.  You can check my Goodreads selections on the blog now and see what I’m reading and see what I’ve already read.  My tastes tend to be all over the map, really, so feel free to recommend any genre or type!  And if you’re also on Goodreads, we can totally hook up there too. 

I’m not going to give a timeline as to when this plan of reviewing books is going to shake down, because I don’t need that kind of pressure.  (Actually I probably do, I guess it’s more that I don’t want it)  But it will happen soonish and will be on a Friday. 

But not today.

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