So here’s what I did, in case you hadn’t noticed:

  • Cleaned up some old links
  • Changed the header photo
  • Took a four week break to rest from alla THAT crazy hard work!


Anyway, I’m at home this week with a killer ear infection, and today is the first day that I’ve felt like I might actually have a blog post brewing.  The rest of the time has been staring at the walls and blowing my nose, etc.  So perhaps I’m on the mend.  Progress!  I can’t promise that there will be any sort of order or cohesion to this post, and if it’s at least a little bit readable I’ll count that as a plus.  I will, you don’t have to, of course.  I won’t judge you.

Did anyone catch the Martin Short special last night on CBC?  It was….ok….mostly.  Some parts were quite funny – actually no, some parts were kind of funny.  I gave the side-eye to a few “jokes” that relied heavily on race, disability and tits, because really?  It started out well, what with the shooting of Atticus Finch – I LOLed – but kind of went downhill after that.  Overall though, The Hammer looked fantastic throughout.  And Fred Willard as kind of a rip-off Friendly Giant was stellar.  And I did like the “Hamilton is my lady, she is a total hottie” song and dance in Gore Park that Short performed.  And I agree that it should be put on a t-shirt.  I would wear the shit out of that.

So other than that, what’s been going on?  Godammit if I could only remember.  Here’s the Coles Notes:

Spring – holy crap did that ever happen quickly.  Forsythia in full bloom mid-March?  Daffodils up and blooming around the same time?  Freaking LILAC buds too?  It’s insane.  And, as someone who wants to resurrect her garden from a few years ago, I am panicking that I’ve waited too long!  Which is crazy because you can’t even usually move the soil at this time of year, never mind plant.  So calm the fuck down UIG, you’ll get your garden going. (I do love the zen voice in my head that tells me to “calm the fuck down” on a regular basis.  In my head it sounds like my mother’s voice.  Which is actually pretty comforting.)

I went to Seedy Saturday back in February, which was amazing.  This was my first time and I didn’t have time to get to any of the workshops but I did wander around and chat with vendors and purchase some seeds.  Which I really need to do something with soon (again there’s that voice) or there will be no veggies for us this summer.  Here’s a rundown of what I hope to plant and harvest this year:

  • arugula
  • leaf lettuce
  • beets
  • pie pumpkins
  • cucumber
  • cilantro
  • hot peppers
  • several different types of tomatoes!

I am beyond excited for this, and I swear on my gardening bible that as soon as this phlegm clears the hell out I will be out there planning and organizing and ordering soil and building my barbed wire squirrel- and cat-proof barriers around my plots.

Let’s hope the voice in my head continues to inspire me as it encourages me to, you know, calm the fuck down.

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