I think I can come here, waltz in and just write a damned post? After being away from this blog for so long? Really, is that what I’m thinking?

Apparently, yes.

Seriously though, what the hell, UIG? Another month – no, MORE than a month – off? It’s like I have nothing to say. Which is never true. But here’s the thing: I have found Twitter. Not like in a “found Jesus” kind of way, of course. But what I’m realizing is that I’m doing that whole microblogging thang on a pretty regular basis, and as a result, this here macroblog (if that is even a thing) is suffering. And what’s with the micro portion? Well, picture me, at my desk at work with Twitter open, following the tweets of work- and non-work-related peeps, and something springs to mind – something revolutionary, of course like “My kids are driving me crazy!” Well then, rather than pull up the ol’ blog and type out a whole post, I seem to just write a few lines of 140 or less characters, and call it a day. Seriously. This is TOTALLY cheating, and I get that, and if you’re not on Twitter then you don’t get to experience the depths of my psyche anymore. You don’t get to hear me complain about shit and gush over my Tassimo. (But you guys! I got a Tassimo for work and it’s amaaaaaazing!)

So what it all boils down to basically is that I am lazy. Lazy and uninspired and unoriginal, and I apologize for all of this.

But when you start apologizing for blogging about shit, that’s probably the bottom of the barrel and there’s nowhere to go but up, amirite? Let’s hope so. The blogging, it used to be so strong in this one. Maybe I need a site overhaul? That usually is my answer for stagnation, decorate the shit out of it! Take my bathroom for example… It was getting to the point that I couldn’t stand being in there for any longer than was humanly necessary. Not that I spend a lot of time hanging out in my bathroom, but you know what I mean…get in, shower, get out..that kind of thing.

Even after cleaning said bathroom it still felt dingy and boring and blah. So last Saturday, The Genealogist and I hauled ass to IKEA – mainly to get him a sweet new home office desk set-up – but then I had the great idea to look for a new bathroom wall cabinet, because that is exactly what that ugly bathroom needs! And while we’re at it, why don’t we PAINT the bathroom, because it needs that too! So that is how, at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, we hit both IKEA and the paint store and by 6pm I was TSPing the walls and then attacking them with a coat of primer, finally calling it a night at around 11pm. First coat of colour Sunday morning, second coat Monday evening, and now all we need to do is a bit of touch up, put the cabinet together and install it, and voila, happy lovely turquoise bathroom that looks and feels clean and shiny with new accessories and everything.

Look at me comparing my blog to a bathroom, right? GREAT analogy, UIG. But maybe that’s it. Let’s tart it up, move around some links, change the header or even the whole damn theme, and maybe – like my bathroom – I’ll enjoy spending some more time in it.

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