Seasonal stressing

You know what’s awesome?  Flying to England with a bff for 5 days of nonstop touristy action, plus a full-on live Duran Duran concert in Scotland!

You know what sucks?  Coming home from said visit to England and experiencing bone-crushing jetlag, the likes of which you have never before experienced.  Sweet jesus on a cracker did I suffer.  It took me close to a week to recover, and wtf is up with that?  I know that in the past it didn’t take me that long to readjust to Ontario time.  Is it because I am now an old?  That could be it.  Or maybe on previous trips I had actually had some time to recover before I dove back into the regular home life, whereas this time I arrived home from the airport at 10pm local time, chatted with the family for an hour or so, then went to bed.  And woke up the next morning – way, way earlier than necessary, and got organized and went to work.  Where I proceeded to fall asleep at my desk by about 10am.  Lather, rinse, repeat for the rest of the week.  It was ugly, friends.  Over the weekend I managed to shake off the lag and get back to a regular kind of routine.  But wow.  Harsh.

Anyway, so I’m back and we had a really great time, and I have photos that I will put up at some point I’m sure. 

And now it is December 15th and I am freaking the fuck out because I am so not ready for the holidays.  There is much to do, blogfriends.  Much to do.  And I just don’t have any time to do it.  And it’s all very well to say relax, it will get done and if it doesn’t oh well in condescending tones, but that just does not cut it when I have barely purchased any gifts so far.  And no tree.  And barely any decorating.  And we have less than 10 days.  FML.  Serves me right for going away, no? 

But, I’m sure that condescending voice is right after all and it will get done, it’s just that I will be a stressed out ball of assyness in the meantime.  You’ve been warned.

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