All in the delivery

So I might have mentioned that I am taking off to the UK next week for a few days?  Yeah.  I’m pretty stoked, but I’m also in the process of trying to figure out what I need to do in order to be ready to fly out (ON WEDNESDAY!)  So last night as I got into bed I started making a mental list of what needs to be done before I can leave.  Laundry topped the list as it often does.  So I was lying there thinking “ok I need the black sweater, grey leggings….” etc. etc. etc.  And then I had this really smart idea – I’m going to wear a sports bra on the plane!  No worries about underwire poking me for 7 hours as I sit in my ever so spacious – not – seat!  Brilliant, no?  So when The Genealogist came into the room to head to bed I spoke up and told him my bright idea.  Now you have to understand that I take after my mother in that I have these thoughts and conversations in my head all by myself and then I sometimes mention these thoughts to people as if they’ve been present for the entire conversation.  And then I sometimes get annoyed when they don’t know what I’m talkning about.  It used to drive me fucking batshit when my mum did it, frankly.  And I’m well aware of that, but it’s not something I can seem to control, so there you have it.  She did it mostly after my dad died, like she was having the conversation with him and then would start to include me.  Not sure what the fuck my excuse is.  But anyway…back to what I was talking about before.  Here’s how it went down:

me: So I am thinking of wearing a sports bra on the plane

him:  What, are you expecting turbulence?

me: *dies laughing*

Now think about this.  He had no idea where the fuck that out of the blue line came from.  There was no context, no preparation, no lead up.  There was just a comment about wearing a sports bra on the plane and he was – at 11:30pm – able to come back with what is probably the best possible response in the history of responses.  Seriously.

I probably laughed for 20 minutes without stopping, and every time I thought about it today I had giggle fits too.  I am still laughing actually, as I’m typing this.

I have had lots of experiences with super funny shit, and I laugh easily.  And sometimes inappropriately.  Actually, often inappropriately.  But there are very few people who can get me to laugh THAT HARD AND FOR THAT LONG with a single line or just a few words.  My husband?  Is one of them.  If you know him, you know that he is kind of on the quieter side (quieter side of me, anyway) but he has a very quick sense of humour.  And apparently?  His funniest side comes out close to midnight.  Because almost every time he’s got me laughing til I am almost sick, it’s been just as I’ve been getting ready to go to sleep.

You can’t not love a guy like that, you know?

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