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So I went back to the chiro tonight and he caused me great pain, which (according to him, anyway) will help me in the long run.  Actually, I know it will help me in the long run because the last time he caused me great pain, I did feel much better.  Two days later, after the great pain had subsided.  I love my chiro.  This man?  Has the strongest fingers ever.  Which, ok, fair enough totally warrants a “that’s what she said” kinda comment.  But dudes.  I’m serious.  Anyway, this time he told me that things seemed a little stronger in my foot which is great, since I’ve been doing my exercises pretty much fanatically in the hopes that I can get back to karate and kickboxing, etc.  He said I’m responding really well and he is pleased with my progress.  And it’s great because I eat that shit up.  No, really.  I turn into super-keener when I am given instruction like that.  I even ask things like “would it be a good idea to do the exercises more than once a day?”  See?  Extra credit!  Anyway, in this case no, extra exercises would not be good, but he said to keep on doing what I’m doing AND I can go back to running, karate and all of that.  So that makes me very happy.  Thanks, Mr. Chiro.

And that?  Makes me sing this.  Every time.

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