It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

There is a Christmas Show in my neighbourhood this weekend.  There will be decorating ideas, vendors, Santa, alla that.  And I am seriously considering going.  WTF has happened to me?  I seem to have developed some Christmas cheer, people.  And I am so not used to it.  Usually I am the one to curse the early start to the retail season; I normally hate on the radio stations that play non-stop crappy Christmas tunes starting just after Halloween.  Okay for reals, I still hate that.  But everything else?  I have an unfamiliar tolerance for it this year.  It’s bizarre and outside of me having had a stroke, I can’t really explain it.

One of the things that I always associate with the festive season is the smell of paint.  I agree that this is probably one of the weirder seasonal associations, absolutely.  It’s just that my mother, around this time of year, would always be painting some room or other or a piece of furniture or a shelf or something.  A strange time to pick, when there’s usually so much else going on, right?  Definitely.  But in some ways it makes sense, because when you’re about to have a house full of people, you want things looking nice.  But it does add an awful lot of work to an already busy time of year, but whatever.  A fresh coat of paint is worth it!

And so I came to associate the fresh coat of paint smell with the holidays.  And I still do.  And this year I took it one step further and decided to paint our front room, which is probably what is helping with my Christmasy outlook more than anything else.  The house is in chaos!  There are paint rollers everywhere!  And aaaah that fresh paint smell!

Seriously, Yankee Candle needs to get on that.  They are missing a major demographic of women who grew up with mothers who went bananas painting shit every Christmas.

Oh.  Right.

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