Productivity R Us

I was off work today, my place of work celebrates Remembrance Day by taking a holiday on the third Monday of November every year.  At least I assume it’s for Remembrance Day.  No one has ever said what it’s for, all I know is that every year I get the third Monday of November off.  And I’m good with that.  It’s been a month since Thanksgiving and it’s still nearly 6 weeks until Christmas, so hells yeah I will take a holiday mid-November, thank you very much.

Back when I was first thinking about how I would spend this day, I thought back to other years.  Ah yes, there was last year which included a lunch date and a massage with a couple of sweet, sweet friends.  Then there was the year K and I went to Toronto and had lunch and did some excellent shopping.  So how did I spend this year’s mid-November day off?  Painting, of course.  Not nearly as glamorous as some of those other years, I know.  But it was a day of high productivity with a side order of sense of accomplishment.  The room we are working on is what is known as the boys’ “playroom”.  When we moved to this house, we quickly learned that although it’s a big house, there is surprisingly little actual living space.  As well, the main floor has two living rooms.  One is the “formal” living room at the front of the house and the other is where we actually spent our time, an addition at the back of the house.  My mother actually gave us the idea to turn the formal living room into a playroom for the kids because we are really not formal living room people, really.

So we bought some lime green paint and a ladybug border, plus some blackboard paint to cover the bottom half of the walls and turned that bad boy into a pretty kickass kids’ room.  Seriously, chalking on the walls was about the coolest thing ever.  And that?  Was about 11 years ago. 

So it’s definitely time for a change.  The toys are mostly gone – the train table, the action figures, the stuffed animals – the Lego is still there but there isn’t as much of it.  Now there is a Wii, a double bass, a chesterfield for lounging while watching music videos, and a chair to sit in while playing your DS.  But the decor remained the same – until today.  Now the room is on its way to becoming a more mature “play” area in tones of dark blue and taupe.  We will probably update the furniture – bean bag chairs have been discussed – the boys will put posters on the walls and there is a Playstation 3 in their future (shhhh…Christmas!)

It’s exciting for sure, and the room looks great so far with just one coat of paint on the walls.  Part of me is a little sad because it’s the end of an era, you know?  But, it’s time to move on.  Fresh paint, a fresh new look  and a fresh start.  Not bad for a single day’s work.


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