If I had more time…

So today we made sauerkraut in the house of the UIG.  Some friends came over, we shredded cabbage, added salt and pounded it down into crocks.  We BBQed some sausage, drank some beers and some wine and had a really amazing visit with a lot of laffs.

If I wasn’t so exhausted from the cleaning and the preparation I’d tell you all about it.  But for now, Imma sit on my arse and have a glass of wine and watch the football game.  And yes I realize that it’s only 7pm, but I am an old.  7:00 might actually be my limit for guests and partying.  Apparently I am the early-bird dinner of hostesses now, like I’m the Red Lobster of party animals.  Oh well.  I can work it up when I need to, but for tonight?  I think I’ve done well for a Sunday night.  Well, evening.  Whatever.

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