(Lime) Twist and Crawl

I did it, blogfriends.  I crawled for art last night, after an amazing Mexican dinner JUST LIKE I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO.  It’s like I am some kind of oracle or something!  Or, more likely, just someone who knows how to make plans and then follow through with them.  So that’s how it went down and it was pretty awesome.

We started with a bit of a wait at the restaurant, because it’s Art Crawl night and everyone goes for Mexican on Art Crawl night.  Or so it seemed, anyway.  There were three of us waiting for a table, and of course a table of two became available first.  So we talked it over and decided that no, we didn’t really want to try to squeeze in at a table for two, so our plan was, when the host asked us – since we were first in line, you know – if we wanted to sit there, we were going to say no thanks we’ll wait.  But we were saved even being asked by the hipster dude behind us who piped up “Can we fit three there, great we’ll take that table!”  Which, ok we had already decided we didn’t want, but still.  In the world of first come first served I think we probably should have been asked, you know?  I realize this is very first world problems and everything, but I’m starting to really question this whole thing about Canadians being overly nice, because come on. First there was the driving thing last week then the hipster just diving in front of us for a tiny table?  I’m not convinced that we can own that nicey-nice reputation anymore.  I’m starting to think that Canadians are just as assholey as anywhere else.

Anyway, hipster dude and his dudettes got their comeuppance (I have an irrational love for that word) when, after we were seated, we received our complimentary chips and salsa PLUS our pitcher of margaritas long before they did.  (They also helped themselves to their own menus rather than wait to be properly served)  So it’s really true what they say about waiting your turn, treating people nicely and not being an asshole. 

Despite the assy beginning to the evening, the food was amazeballs, the margaritas were beyond tasty and salty and limey and STRONG, the company was lovely, the laughs were plentiful, and we three had a super fun outing.  Art was viewed, clothing was purchased, vintage tchotchkes were admired, and we wrapped it all up by about 11:00

Today was spent cleaning the house, shopping for paint for the front room, filling little wall holes with spackle (another word that I love so hard) in preparation for painting, and doing laundry.  We just finished a take-out meal and I am relaxing with a glass of wine. 

Seriously, I can’t live the rockstar life every night, people.

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