I owe you one

I realize my NaBloPoMoing has been less than amazing so far, in fact I’d even say it’s been pretty meh.  Meh is probably one of my new favourite words, incidentally.  So much can be conveyed in just three letters.  “How was the game?”  “Meh.”  “You checked out that new Thai restaurant, what did you think?”  “Meh.”  See?  Right away you know neither of these things was amazing!  They were, in a word, meh.  Mediocre, less than great.  But in three letters.  Meh.  Brilliant.

 Right.  So, what’s been going on?  I mentioned that tonight is Art Crawl in my city and that I am heading down there to check out the galleries and see what’s up.  I love the Art Crawl.  The second Friday of every month sees all the galleries, shops and other places on James St. North staying open late so people can wander the street checking out the art.  Soooo that description right there?  Just does not do the event justice.  But I don’t know how else to describe it, really.  The street is abuzz, there is art to be viewed and purchased if you are so inclined; often there is live music, occasionally a glass of wine to be had.  Mostly it’s really just what I said first – open galleries, people wandering in and out, art.  I think the reason I get so jazzed about it is that it all takes place within my old stomping grounds, as they say.  Back then though, the street was considered sketchy by anyone who wasn’t from around there.  I always loved it, personally.  Little Italian and Portuguese shops, cafes and restaurants, the kind where the old gents would spend a Saturday afternoon watching soccer on TV and drinking grappa and coffee.  There was always lots of action, people hanging out on sidewalk patios and terraces, that sort of thing.  But no real reason to go unless you were planning on grabbing a beverage with some old dudes, or you needed  a first communion dress, or some bomboniere, really.  I never understood the “scariness” of that ‘hood, but then I was from around there, and it was all very familiar to me.  Also, bomboniere? Another of my favourite words.  Especially if you sing it when you say it, like you’re singing Bamboleo a la The Gypsy Kings. Try it!

 The nice part about the whole James St. revitalization is that most of the little pre-Art Crawl places are still there.  The galleries and shops moved in but there is still room for the cafes and traditional bakeries, still room for the old men in fedoras to enjoy their brandy.  I love that the two worlds con coexist.  Love it to bits.  In fact, I think the new arrivals to the area love it too, because they all seem to be keeping the spirit of the street alive with independent businesses that just seem to gel with the surroundings. 

 So think of me tonight, I’ll be traipsing around the galleries after a tasty meal and some margaritas at a killer Mexican restaurant.  Hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pics for you too.

 Happy Friday, blogfriends.  Get your art on if you can.


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