Drinkify me

Your know how there are pairings like wine and food or beer and food…basically any sort of drink and food?  Well now the good people at Turntable Kitchen have given us music and food pairings.  Really!  This is a super interesting blog that I recently learned about, and I have been enjoying the music and food pairings.  In theory, since I have yet to attempt a recipe.  But everything looks amazing and the musical choices are superb.  Seriously, go check them out.  And with the holidays coming and all, maybe even consider a pairings box as a gift.  You know, for me.

Now, have you ever thought about what to drink with your music?  Drink and food pairings have been around forever, of course, but when you’re rocking out or chilling, grooving or slamming?  What’s it gonna be?  Is it red or white wine with Band of Horses?  Does listening to The Ramones call for a beer or a gin and tonic?  Well wonder no more, blogfriends!  Now you have Drinkify to help you out!  Simply enter the name of the band you are currently listening too and Drinkify gives you the perfect cocktail to accompany it, with tongue firmly in cheek no doubt.

So cool, but where the hell am I going to find a glowstick at this time of night?

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