Doctor Doctor

I had an appointment to see my doctor today.  Nothing serious, blogfriends, it’s just that I’m falling apart.  I injured my foot badly at my last karate grading, and so I was there to get a referral for some physiotherapy.  I had very good luck with physio for treating my injured knee last year – see a pattern? – so I’m giving it a go for my foot. 

I’ve also been given antibiotics for a very red, inflamed and extremely sore throat.  Nice that my throat decided to get way sore on the day I had an appointment anyway, right?  Silver lining!

My doctor also went over my recent bloodwork with me, and thankfully that is one area where I am golden, people.  The word she used?  TEXTbook.  My bloodwork was textbook.  Gotta love that.  Clearly they don’t check blood alcohol levels in their testing.  Kidding, of course.  But still, pretty happy that at least the blood checks out because the rest of me seems to be failing.  It’s a little depressing.  Not to mention annoying when I just really want to be able to fully participate in karate and kickboxing and you know, LIFE.  And the injuries just get in the way of that.

And I know it could be much, much worse, and I’m trying to be all chin up and all that.  So I will leave you with a video.  Because nothing helps you feel better than some cheeseball 80s music, right?

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