What I learned this weekend

I had a lovely weekend in MI with my friend, touring around, catching up and laughing a whole lot.  The weather was perfect for driving, perfect for walking around and just overall perfect.  And also I learned stuff.  Here is a rundown:

1) Wherever I go, I seek out libraries.  I became extremely excited by catching a glimpse of a public library in the town we were staying in and then – then! I made my friend drive to the University of Michigan cancer centre so I could visit the patient library there.  You might call it weird.  I call it research.

2) There are still places that sell spray cheese in a can.  I visited one of those places.  And I purchased two cans.  Because, OMG cheese in a can!

3) Michigan drivers are some of the friendliest drivers I have ever encountered.  It was positively lovely driving there.  But then.  Then I had to  come home and face the uptight, obnoxious Ontario drivers.  The ones who have their middle finger permanently up at the rest of the world.  Ugh.  How Canadians got the reputation of being all friendly and unassuming I’ll never know.  On the road?  Assholes.

4) I need to hang with my friend C more often.  Truth.

Hope your weekend was stellar, blogfriends.


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