iPod shuffling

So I have deleted pretty much everything off my iPod.  Seriously.  650+ songs just pfft gone.  They’re still in my iTunes library, of course.  But I’m bored with most of the music I carried around with me, to the extent that I would put the iPod on shuffle and just keep hitting “next” until there were no more songs next.  It happens.  I just need a music reboot and I’ll get on that soon.  Sometimes it’s just a recycling of what’s in the library, and other times it’s the need for brand new music.  This time it’s a bit of both, so how excited was I to see the following

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is – a new Blondie record!  And it’s good!  Exciting, right?

The nice thing about music is that good people are always producing more for me to consume.  I love that about music.  I feel the same way about vineyards, actually.  Now that I think about it, consuming music while consuming wine is probably one of my favourite pasttimes…but I digress.  Long story short, music is amazing, new music is amazing and sometimes old music rediscovered can be equally – if not more – amazing.

So, blogfriends.  What are you listening to these days?  I got an iPod that needs some beats.

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