Walls come tumbling down

Demolition of the former Federal Building

I snapped this photo on my way to work this morning.  There was a lot of dust. 

This used to be the Federal Building – you can see the Coat of Arms of Canada in the top left corner – until a big new shiny one went up a couple of years ago, right around the corner.  And I get that it’s progress and it’s difficult to run the government offices from an outdated building and everything, but it makes me sad because it really was a lovely old building.
My city?  Not so good in the saving-the-lovely-old-buildings department, I’m afraid.  I just wish it could have been used for something, you know?  There are some lovely sculptures there which are going to be saved.  But it’s a shame that it had to come down at all. 
Condos, I think  Go figure.

2 responses to “Walls come tumbling down

  1. That’s so sad. I do hate it when old buildings just get torn down. It’s much nicer if they try and convert them for a new use.

    • Absolutely agree, there has to be an alternative, sadly it’s usually money that wins out, isn’t it? Someone paying a lot to put up a new building or something.

      And thanks so much for the blog visit!

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