Long short week

Well here I am, back to the work week, and even though it’s Wednesday -which would normally constitute a “woohoo hump day!” kind of response – it already feels like the longest short week ever.  Short week because we had a holiday on Monday (Simcoe Day, look it up) and therefore I was not required to be at work until Tuesday.  And now, as I said, it’s Wednesday, but I’m still feeling a bit beaten down by the return from vacation, so instead of an actual post, have some photos of my vacation!

I think I may have mentioned that The Artist is a budding chef?  In fact, I may actually change his moniker to The Chef, because he really is all that (and a bag of locally grown artisanal chips).  So have a look at these:

Bacon and egg salad!

 This inspired and delectable dish was a hit with everyone in the family (with the exception of me, as I don’t eat bacon).  Upon request I will include the recipe, but I must first check with The Chef.

Peach salsa!

 This was part of our awesome peach night – peach salsa (a recipe from my FoodTV App – I know, right? Oooooooo!) was served over grilled tuna, grilled peaches were added to a green salad and then…

BBQed peach cobbler, ftw!

 That’s right, friends – BBQed peach cobbler.  So easy and delicious!  We grilled peaches, then in a BBQ safe dish, added maple syrup and a splash of vanilla extract, crumbled up about a dozen oatmeal cookies for the topping and let it cook away on the grill, covered in foil.  Super tasty, and in the course of two days we managed to devour an entire 4 quart basket of peaches.  Good times, no?


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