A whole lot of crazy

OMG, blogfriends.  Is it hot where you are?  Sweet jesus in the garden it’s hot where I am.  Holy.  I would not say no to some air conditioning.

So.  In case you can’t tell from the above paragraph, I am in the process of reading Come, Thou Tortoise by Jessica Grant.  There is a whole lot of crazy in that book, let me tell you.  But it’s some of the most amazing crazy I think I have ever read.  I am nearly done, and I kind of don’t want to be done, you know?  I love the style, the wordplay, everything about it.  I have read reviews or snippets of reviews that refer to this book as the following: extraordinary, delightful, simultaneously deep and lightheartedly charming.  I don’t know.  I think that when a book is full of so many amazing words and substitutes for words and crazy made-up words, and crazy events and characters and other such things, the use of real words to describe that book will alway fall flat.  I think I might need to create a word just specifically to describe this book.  It could take some time. If you have read it and have made up a word to describe it, I would like to know about it.  Just putting that out there for anyone interested in a summer project.  And if you haven’t read it and you aren’t completely turned off by the way I’ve described it, I recommend you read it.  It’s quite wonderful.

Want to know something else that is practically indescribable with honest-to-goodness real words?  Twin Peaks.  That’s right, people.  Do you remember it?  Did you watch it?  I did and I loved it, but at the time, I was sadly very alone in my love for it.  I remember watching the first epidsode with my jaw hanging open for nearly the entire time.  Alone.  And after it was over?  Well, I couldn’t just head to the interwebs and post my thoughts, could I?  Hell, I couldn’t even call my friends to debrief because it ended late, and remember when there was no texting?  And there were – for the most part – rules about how early or late you called your friends?  Except in extreme emergencies?  And while Twin Peaks was a total game changer for me, I would hardly say it ranked up there with a true, bona fide emergency.  Even for me, that would be stretching it. 

Part way through the first season or maybe at the beginning of the second, I did learn that a friend of mine who had just moved back to the city was a fan.  And boy, did that change things for both of us.  We could watch together!  And debrief after!  If ever there was a television show that required post-episode debriefing it was that one.  Again – a whole lot of crazy that defied description using real words.  That’s for damn sure.

And yesterday, in honour of my upcoming vacation, I was browsing my library’s catalogue which last year became a bibliocommons catalogue, (which if you don’t know, in this format library members can post reviews and lists of books, etc that they recommend or don’t, depending) and what did I see on a list?  The entire Twin Peaks collection on DVD – pilot and both seasons.  Now, I have been searching for this collection for a decade.  A full decade, I’m sure.  And I remember reading about how there were licensing issues which prevented the series release.  Or something.  But now!  Now it is available through my library!  And there are 63 people on the waiting list.  Holy.  So in an unprecedented move, I decided to order it for myself – for keeps – through the online shopping world.  And my order has been received and processed and once the status says “shipped” I will probably do a little dance of joy. 

Now I might just have to go celebrate with a cup of coffee – a damn fine cup of coffee.  I would not say no to a coffee.

See what I did there?  No, I know.  There is a very good chance you probably didn’t.  Just trust me on this.

One response to “A whole lot of crazy

  1. ‘See what I did there?’ …best line ever. I saw what you did there.

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