S to the U to the N, mofo

So the sun has finally come out in the Hammer, people.  And when I say finally I totally mean it.  We have had rain and cold temperatures for over a solid week now, and the weeks before weren’t exactly stellar, so no wonder everyone is freaking the fuck out.

But you know what?  This sunshine teaser just isn’t enough for this girl, no way no how.  I am in desperate need of heat as well, and it’s warming up here which is good, but you know where it’s really, really hot?  Miami, suckers.  South Beach.  28C feeling like 35C and not a cloud in the sky.  And so, that is where we are headed.  For the weekend.  Cos that’s how we jetset, yo. 

It’s gonna be rad and hot and there are mojitos with my name on them, and I cannot freaking wait.  See you on the flip side, blogfriends. 

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