Mother’s Day shizzle

Here, for your pleasure, is the text of the cards – cards they made themselves I should add – that I received from my boys on Sunday: 

From The Musician
“Happy Yo Mama Day!”
“Whoops!  I mean, Happy Mother’s Day!”

From The Artist
“For Mother’s Day I bought you Guns ‘n’ Roses!” (illustration of a handgun and some flowers)
“Just kidding!  I just got you roses!  Happy Mother’s Day!”
(note: he did not give me roses)

Boys are weird.

As for The Genealogist?  Well he’s given up long ago on Hallmark and their ilk, and who can blame him?  Most cards of the “For My Wife” type tend to lean heavily on the “I’m sorry I’m such a dude/jerk/jock/asshole and I never clean up after myself/do the dishes/remember your birthday and all I do is want to drink beer/watch sports/watch sports and drink beer and not pay attention to you/complain about watching chick flicks with you/complain that you do too much shoe shopping but hey, thanks for putting up with me!

So yeah, I pretty much only get handmade cards now, which is fine by me.  I also received a lovely potted white hyacinth which totally makes the house smell like hyacinth and not like ageing incontinent cat, which is what it usually tends to smell like.  Also a sweet purple leather cover for my Kobo, and a kickass BBQ supper.  Pretty damned awesome. 

Hope you had a happy yo mama day, should you celebrate it.  Word.

One response to “Mother’s Day shizzle

  1. Hey UIG, excellent read. I used to home-made cards for my Mom for MD sometimes, I think she liked what I made, I think. Typing this on my Playbook on the big Tv, after listening to IA on MySpace and watching on the 50′ plasma with our kick-ass stereo system using a micro HDMI hookup. Wife could feel the floor shake and we botb love these guys! Hope to make it out one night this weekend. Good luck on tbe comp as well!

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