Hey, here’s an exciting idea for a post – I’m sick.  Let me whine at you.

It all started Sunday night when I said to The Genealogist “Huh, my throat feels a little scratchy, wonder if I’m getting a cold or if it’s just allergies flaring up?”

Then I coughed all night and every time I swallowed it felt like there was glass in my throat and there just were not enough tissues to stop the lava erupting from my nose.

Wait, sorry that was a little too graphic.  Anyway.

I stayed home Monday because I felt horrible, plus I figured I am probably contagious as all get-out.  By the end of the day I didn’t feel much better, in fact I started to feel worse.  So Tuesday morning I went to see my doctor who listened to my lungs  and “yes, you have some congestion in there”.  And then she looked in my throat and said “oooh that’s really red” and then I mentioned that my ears kind of hurt, and she had a look and jumped out of her chair “ohmygod your ear is MASSIVELY INFECTED”. 

I don’t know about you, but nothing I have had in the past has ever caused my doctor to jump out of her chair and recoil in horror the way my ear did yesterday.  It was epic.  And a little disturbing.  But she wrote out a prescription and recommended I also start on some decongestants to relieve the pressure that was clearly building in my head due to the infection.  Which I did.  And I continue to do.  But as of today I still feel really crappy, I still have a fever and my ear still hurts.  I still have to blow my nose constantly and I’m coughing a lot and I have a heaache. 

Seriously people, we are living in the future where everything is instant from food to movies to music – all available immediately if not sooner!  Where is my rapid healing, huh?  10 days of antibiotics?  In the year 2011?  Ridiculous.  I want to be better and I want to be better now, dammit.

Yeah, I know.  But seriously, this infection thing took less than 12 hours to manifest, it really should be able to be conquered in the same amount of time, don’t you think?  I mean the pharmaceutical companies develop drugs to regrow hair and flush out the fat, right?*  Someone needs to get on the instant antibiotic research track and how.

So yeah.  I’m sick and I’m pissed and I’m impatient.  And now I need to go lie down.

*yeah I know this shit doesn’t work but I am making a point

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