Excuses R Us

Am I really going to be the once, twice, three times a month blogger?  If that?  Seems like it, don’t it?  Well I will attempt to remedy that, but you know.   Here’s what’s stopping me from a big fancy rant of a blog post.

1.  It is cold.  And no, it’s not like it’s been cold enough to freeze the interwebs or anything.  I just do not like the cold, and cold makes me crabby, which I suppose should be good for blogging, but what I find is that it just makes me want to curl up and weep. 

I seriously never used to be such a wimp with the cold, I don’t know what happened, man.  I grew up in this here country, so you’d think I would embrace the season that seems to last for 8 months, but I don’t.  I try, but it’s cold.  And I don’t like it.  And end of story. 

2. I am tired.  Again with the wimpy-assness, I know.  But I really feel like I have not had a break from work for a very long time.  Christmas?  Seems like forever ago – and even that was only a whirlwind of 4 or 5 days.  No, what I need is a full on WEEK or more of vacation.  And that’s not going to happen until late July, yo.  Or is it?

So one of my goals for this year is to outfit the whole family with passports.  What’s that, UIG?  You don’t have a passport?  How do you travel?  And here’s the thing – I don’t.  Or rather I did.  I just haven’t in a very long time.  Truth, we did take a trip to the east coast two summers ago, but we drove, and we stayed in Canada.  Also, 3 or 4 years ago I travelled not only to Michigan a couple of times, but also to Ohio, and those were the good old days when you only needed a driver’s licence to enter the US of A.  Remember those days?  Good times!

Anyway, our family is planning a big trip to the UK in 2012 – I know!  – and I have decided that I will ensure we have passports in 2011 so that’s one less thing to worry about when getting organized for next year’s vacation.  Smart. 

So that got me thinking.  If we can get ourselves set up with passports, that means we can go places.  And who doesn’t want to go places?  And one of the things that we were able to do with some money from my mum’s estate is put some of it aside, to save for our big trip, but also to pay off our credit card balances.  And what are credit cards for if not to carry balances, am I right?  So here was my line of reasoning:

1. It is cold.
2. I am tired.
3. Let’s go someplace warm.
4. Where we can relax.

So that is our plan. It’s not going to happen immediately – we still need to sort out the passport thing, wait for them to arrive, etc. but it’s in the works.  And I am excited for the following reasons:

1. I will be warm.
2. If I am tired, it will be because of fun stuff, not work stuff.

Really, it’s the warm part I am most excited about.

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