Up to speed

WTF people?  Two weeks since a blog post?  Here’s what’s been going on: 

This past weekend I drove with my fab friend Vivian up to a cottage where we met up with some more awesome friends for our semi-annual girls’ weekend.  It was the usual – amazing food, tasty cocktails, gigantic belly laughs and impromptu dance party.  All done in the comfort of a cozy yet spacious cottage complete with outdoor hot tub and lovely indoor fireplace.  This year we added a book exchange to our festivities, and Vivian also brought gorgeous knitted items for all of us.  So this kind of thing?  Cracks us up every time, because you know how people have a sort of image of these types of weekends?  Like when we tell our guy friends what we’re doing and they get this faraway look in their eyes that we’re all pillow fights in our underwear and hot tub skinny dipping?  And then there are photos of us curled up in flannel pjs, drinking wine while skimming through newly-acquired books?  And some people are knitting?  And then I think that we have ruined the girly weekend image forever.  But whatever.  It was good times, friends.  Good times.

And before that, I had a road trip to once again take in a Blue Rodeo concert, this time in Brantford.  And it was the same set up as before, with the band doing a set of songs without Greg, then having him come on for a few, then leaving again.  And this time, even though I expected this same set up, it still made me very sad.  I fear for the BR future, I really do.  But I had a good time, as I always do with Viv and E, so there’s that.  

And before that – like as in immediately before that – I slogged through the crazy-ass amounts of snow that fell the night before to head to Toronto to the big library conference and stand for two hours in front of my poster which was lit from above by what can only be described as a giant french fry lamp.  It was hot, people.  Like hair singeing hot.  But it was well-received and a couple of people even told me they specifically came to see my poster.  Which was pretty awesome, since I had kind of figured most attendees would politely slow down as they went by, smile awkwardly, and keep moving.  So it was a bit of a surprise when people came armed with questions and compliments. 

 So that should bring y’all up to speed with what has been shaking around these parts.  Hope to be around more frequently, even though my entire being is telling me to hibernate, yo.  I’ll see what I can do.

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