No, not that Mr. Burns…

The other one.  The incomprehensible Scottish poet one.  Today is all about him, and all that and all that and all that.  Uh huh.

So it’s a good day for this!

Yes, blogfriends that is vegetarian haggis.  In a tin.  And yes, we ate it.  And it looked a lot like Fancy Feast, but tasted more like refried beans.  A ringing endorsement, no?

I actually bought real haggis for the boys, they’d always wanted to try it, and they enjoyed it. Really.  I even tasted a bit of it myself and found it not horrible.  Again, another killer compliment, right? 

Now we’ve moved on to the whisky, as you do.  Mmmmm….nothing but high praise for a 12-year old single malt, friends.  Best Scottish export ever.

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