Gonna have to give you the big ol’ rundown as to what I’ve been up to, because woweee! 

But um, no.  Not really.  I’m still gonna give you that rundown, but it’s not woweee by any stretch.  You’ve been warned, right?

I am now on Day 24 of the first month of Project333 and you guys!  It’s so awesome, and while I was worried I’d feel constricted and bored with my wardrobe choices, and long for something new , I can honestly say that I don’t.  Except maybe for the shoes part of it, which I discussed previously, but I’m over it.  Really.  Ok almost.

So I also had a birthday awhile back, which was fun and pretty low-key, which I guess fits for turning 44, right?  The boys took me to dinner at Capri which is an institution in my town.  As in it’s been around for decades…not that it is, you know, an actual institution.  I hadn’t been there in ages, but it was exactly the same as I remember it.  Exactly.  I loved it.  And how fitting that it was established in 1967- just like me! 

And just to prove that I’m not that old and that I embrace some of those new-fangled technologies, I went out yesterday and bought a Kobo.  Normally I wouldn’t be able to justify a purchase like that for just no reason, but I had received – over the past year or so – several Chapters gift cards totalling over $100 – seriously.  Why did I let them accumulate?  Well it all goes back to the fact that I just don’t buy books for myself anymore, and there was nothing else in that store that I particularly  wanted, so once the gift card $$ started adding up I started looking into the e-reader.  And because my library system has books that are compatible with Kobo, I was sold. 

And I love it so far.  It’s even kind of fitting my new minimalist-leaning lifestyle.  I mean with books, it’s been ages since I’ve brought any new ones home for me, but this has streamlined things further – check out an ebook, have it on your reader for 14 or 21 days (yes, I can choose my loan period!) and when it expires, it just disappears.  No running back to the library when it’s -28C like it was today.  And!  It takes up so little space in my commting bag I almost wept.  Seriously, anyone who has ever commuted with a heavy-ass hardcover book and tried to maneuver it along with their lunch, bag, umbrella, and whatever else might be necessary can totally relate, I’m sure.

So be prepared for More! Book! Reviews!  Because Kobo makes it all so easy.  And light.  And hip, right?  I’m hip now, right?

Oh all right.  Get off my lawn.

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