Quality time

The Artist and I are home today – sick, but not sick-sick you know?  We both have headaches and slight fevers and coughs and feel generally crappy, but not so crappy that we need to sleep a lot, so it’s kind of boring.  He’s currently watching TV.  I have thrown in a load of laundry, prepared part of tonight’s dinner and after I finish this post I will be doing dishes and oh, did I mention that the plumber was here earlier?  Because a pipe burst in our basement today, while I was in the shower covered in shampoo.  2011 I told you not to fuck with me, and look where it got me.  I know – it could be worse, right?

In better news I am loving Project333!  I love seeing just the things that I’m planning to wear in my closet!  The only thing that is sort of getting me down is that I wish I’d made room on my list for some different shoes.  I had to add my winter boots, obviously, and I also added dressy boots and just one pair of black go-with-everything shoes that I keep at work.  In a way it’s good, because it saves me having to cart shoes back and forth to work every day, but I know that by spring I’m going to want to haul out some of my other cuter shoes.  So all that means is that I will have to do some revision at the end of March.  See that?  Already planning for my next Project333 quarter.  Hardcore.

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