Back at it

Did y’all have a nice Christmas/Festivus, whatever?  We did.  My boys and I hightailed it to the north for a couple of days, just to do something totally different this year.  Firsts are always so hard, and first Christmas without someone you love?  Fucking awful.  So Christmas morning we opened gifts, had a quick breakfast, organized the cats and hauled ass to Collingwood, Ontario home of the lovely Blue Mountain Ski Resort.  Our plan was just to lay low for a couple of days and it worked.  Beautifully.  At one point we were getting ready to head out for dinner on the 25th and someone said “oh yeah, it’s Christmas day!”  And the rest of us were all “Huh?  Oh yeah, it is!”  So that was great.  We had a nice non-traditional dinner which consisted of tandoori catfish, black-eyed peas and rice, ribs, mushroom risotto and scallops and some chicken concoction that was probably the closest to traditionally “festive” as it had some cranberry glaze or something.  Went back to the hotel after dinner and proceeded to hit the outdoor heated pool and hot tub for a little while and that was pretty awesome too.  So yay for us.

The next day we had a visit from a friend and her two girls and the 7 of us hit the aquatic centre in the Village, and did some water slides, rope swings and more indoor/outdoor pools and hot tubs.  So nice. 

Yesterday we made our way home and had a late lunch/early dinner of leftover pizza and then did a karate class.  Back to normal, right?  Exactly.  When Christmas happens that far away from home, does it really happen? Is it like the whole tree falling in the forest thing?  Because really, it’s kind of like we left the festive season 3 hours away and I, for one, am good with that. 

Today it’s back to work for me, and although it hurt a LOT dragging my ass out the door when The Genealogist was still in jammies and the two boys were still asleep upstairs, I’m actually happy to be here.  I’m drinking tea and checking blogs and organizing a few things for the new year.  There’s no pressure, it’s been pretty quiet so far, and I can just kind of exist in my ‘brary on my own for the next few days.  And all that festive stuff is just memories and photos.  Perfect.

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