Century club

So I really wanted to make my 100th post, you know, really something.  Witty, of course and urbane.  Or perhaps to delve deep into my soul and share something truly special and deep with you.  But then I remembered two things:  I am not, nor have I ever been urbane, and I have no soul. 

I think at one point I had a soul, but this year has pretty much killed it.  And so at a time of the year when I should be feeling festive and lovely, I just am not.  I am struggling to even keep a facade of joy around the kids, and that’s just not right.  But I’m trying.  I am hosting two parties this weekend, as well as going to a friend’s house for a festive evening.  The boys went out and bought a tree last night, so we will put that up and decorate it on Saturday.  I will start to wrap presents, and drink rum with a splash of eggnog, and perhaps these things will do the trick.

Growing up there was always lots of music in my house, but during the holidays I remember only one Christmas album – and actually I believe it was an 8-track that we eventually replaced with an LP (which, if you’re under the age of 35 I probably just made your brain explode or something) and so for the longest time, any time I heard anything by this group, it reminded me of Christmas.  The album was, the quintessential Christmas with The Carpenters.  Now I know what you’re thinking, that has got to be the sappiest Christmas record in the history of Christmas records, and it’s true.  It is.  I don’t deny that, but it worked its way right into my brain and is still holding court lo these many years later.  And I never fully understood why we had that album.  My parents were more into jazz and blues, so what was up, UIG’s ‘rents, with the Christmas cheese?  I guess we’ll never know, but goddamn if I don’t get all nostalgic and shit when I hear Karen warbling about logs on the fire filling her with desire.

A few years back I worked with a guy who was big into music, and one day around Christmas we started talking about those Christmas tunes that drive you batshit, or the ones you love and remember from childhood etc.  So I had to bust out with my Carpenters love, and he got it.  Like, as in totally.  And then we had this amazing discussion about their career, and of course poor Karen and we blamed Richard for all that shit that went down and led to her horribly untimely death.  We have absolutely no proof of this, of course.  But it was one of those bonding things you do, you know?  Over The Carpenters and their Christmas album.

So I was going to leave you with a nice little ditty from that record as proof of my genuine holiday spirit.  But, since I really have very little to spare, I thought I’d leave you with this instead:

I know.  Not at all festive, but totally what I’m talking about, right?  And in case I don’t get back here before December’s main event, I’d just like to say that I wish you Merry Christmas…Happy New Year too…I’ve just one wish on this Christmas Eve….I wish I were with you.  Here’s hoping y’all get to enjoy the season, and however you celebrate, I hope you get to do it with the ones you love. 

Not to, you know, get all sentimental and shit.

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