The Artist is an aspiring chef, so he’s a big fan of helping out in the kitchen and also of watching the Food Network.  And actually, one Sunday morning a couple of years ago I came downstairs to make coffee and he was in the playroom watching The Barefoot Contessa.  And in the living room, The Musician was watching The History Channel special on WWII.  It’s like my children are, respectively, a middle-aged woman and an old history buff dude.  Which is awesome.

Anyway, I have come down with a cold but I’d promised The Artist we’d cook together this evening.  So we did.  And here is what we made:  Two Cheese and Corn Baked Risotto.  Because when you’re feeling like shit, isn’t it better to create something insanely complex, rather than you know, open a box of Kraft Dinner?  Or order a pizza?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  But the boy enjoyed himself, and he is pretty much the most adorbale chef ever, so I sucked it up. 

I really hope it’s tasty.  And that I can taste it if it is.

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