Yesterday’s post was my 90th! Cool, huh? Too bad in a way this whole NaBloPoMo thing won’t coincide with me reaching my 100th post on the 30th of November, but then I guess it isn’t all about me is it? For anyone keeping track, if I continue to post daily, I will reach my 100th post on December 4th.  That is, of course, if I continue to post daily past November 30th.  Because you know, that could happen.  It also could happen that reach my 100th post some time in March, but let’s hope not.

In other news, November weather has officially happened here in my part of the world.  We did have some cold days back at the beginning of the month, but then somehow the weather managed to turn springlike for a couple of weeks.  But the ice pellets and sleety rain this morning confirmed that it is indeed November.  Ah wintery mix, we meet again. 

So I guess it was fortuitous that I took The Musician out for a new winter coat last night.  We go through this every year.  In the spring, when it is finally time to put away the coats, I get the boys to try them on one last time.  Usually by then, one of them is struggling to do up the zipper and their wrists are sticking WAY out from the sleeves, so I know that coat can be cleaned and given away.  Done and done.  This past year it was The Artist who looked laughable in his tiny little coat by April, so I washed it and put it in the  box to be taken to our local Goodwill.  The Musician had outgrown his coat some time in February I believe, so he required a new one.  So in April, it still fit relatively well.  Excellent.  Just one coat to buy in the fall.

Flash forward to the beginning of this week when the forecast started to look more like winter than fall.  We brought down the coats, and the one that fit The Musician in April?  Yeah, not so much now.  So, The Artist gets that coat, and off we went to search out a new one.  And the thing about this kid is that he is as big as me.  He is almost 13 and 5’5″ tall, lean but muscular.  So it’s adult sizes now in everything for him – and adult prices too.  He’s great though, because although he likes to look good and knows what suits him he doesn’t really care about labels.  For that I am very grateful.  It could change of course, but for now as long as it fits and makes him look good, it could say Strawberry Shortcake on it and he’d be ok with that.  I mean this is the kid who wears a bowler hat on occasion with his skinny jeans and high-tops.  I’d say he has his own fashion sense, and labels be damned. 

So we found a coat in a decent price range and the whole process took about 25 minutes.  Another reason I love these kids.  They don’t need to comparison shop.  It’s fantastic, and yes this too will probably not last but whatever.  I love shopping with them because it goes something like this:

me:  Here’s one in your size, give it a try

them: Huh.  Nice.  Feels good.  I like.

me:  Should we buy it?

them: Yep.  Let’s go eat.

Done and done.  My boys rock.

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