It’s soup making day here in the house of UIG.  Potato, leek, fennell and cauliflower.  It’s also clean out the fridge day, can you tell?

I love soup and making soup.  So many of my friends are afraid of soup – not the eating, but the making – but for me, it’s one of the easiest and greatest things to make.  And you don’t even really need a recipe, as I demonstrated earlier today.

Sometimes I have music on while cooking, but today The Musician had homework to do, and we have a rule about distractions while homework is happening, so it was a pretty quiet soup-making undertaking today.  Except, you know, for the tunes in my head.  And the song that is usually rattling in my brain while I’m chopping and stirring is this one.  It’s perfect, all you have to do is substitute “soup” for…well you know…

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