How bazaar, how bazaar

So it’s church bazaar time, people!  (see what I did up there?)  And if you’re a fan of doilies and knitted tissue box covers, crocheted bookmarks that read “Joy”, angel pins and the smell of mothballs, you are IN LUCK.

Ah, but I jest.  Sort of.  I’ve only ever been to a couple of hardcore church bazaars, and I did indeed see (and smell) some of the items listed above, but you want to know what the best parts are?  Baked goods.  And preserves.  Seriously, there is something in church lady DNA that causes them to be bakers and preserve-makers extraordinaire.  Someone should probably study it.  And one of these church ladies – although I think of her more as a badass karate ninja lady – is a friend of mine and she will be at one of the churches later today hawking her wares.  She is the creator of incredible pickles and jams and jellies.  Oh my. 

So I am meeting another friend – another badass karate ninja lady – and we are going over there to check it out, because around the holidays you can never have too many preserves and pickles, right?  Especially if you’re like me and you are bringing back the relish tray with a vengeance.

So I’m excited!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t go down like this.  Although if it does, my badass ninja karate lady friend should be able to handle it.

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