Not reading

Things had been going along really well in the book department for me for the past few months.  And then, what with The Genealogist getting sick and all, I just kind of stopped with the reading.  Books I’ve had on hold at the library?  The holds expired.  Books that I actually managed to pick up from the holds shelf?  Are just sitting on various surfaces in my house and will need to go back to the library by, like tomorrow.  And I miss it, but I just haven’t found the patience to get started with any of the books I have.  I think that’s the big thing right now, there’s nothing really grabbing me to read, and the books I’ve placed on my holds list are the ones that are kind of “Meh.  Okay, maybe I’ll read that” but then I don’t have the energy to open them to start reading them.  Which is very weird, but in some ways understandable given the stresses in my life right now.  I have been listening to music on the way to work, instead of reading, which is all right and everything, (the latest Arcade Fire is excellent, by the way) but what I really need is a book to dive into.  So I’m on the hunt and I will let you know how I make out.  In the meantime, what you reading, blogfriends?  Anything of note to recommend?

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