S-A-TUR-D-….oh forget it

So it’s Saturday night… and if you’re like me, you can’t even say Saturday night without conjuring up the original Tartan Terrors the Bay City Rollers and their big hit from 1975-76, amirite?

And yeah, it was huge and yeah I was one of their biggest fans and yes, I had the tartan socks and a sash I think, but I was not nearly as kitted out as my friend Helen who had several BCR outfits, and also had a Scottish mother which totally added to her cred.

Anyway, Saturday Night was a good song and all, but if you were a true Rollers girl, this would have been your favourite.  Trust me on this, ok?

Really, you can keep on dancing to the rock and roll OR you can run in the sun having fun with the one that you really love?  No contest.  Happy S-S-S-Saturday night, blogfriends.  Walk hand in hand on the sand with the boy that you met on vacation.  Or something.

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