A new Advent -ure

This past Father’s Day, The Artist created a fantastic gift for The Genealogist using Lego Design Studio.  This is software you can download and then create virtual Lego designs and then – and here is the kicker – you can order them, complete with instruction booklet on how to put it together, and custom-designed box.  It’s pretty rad, and it really makes an awesome gift for anyone into Lego.  Or anyone just into cool stuff, really.

Anyway, so since we ordered this back in the early summer, naturally we are now on Lego’s mailing list, and a couple of weeks ago we naturally received the Lego holiday catalogue.  Which caused The Artist great delight and a whole lotta “WE NEED THIS!!” -type shrieking.  And I have to admit, Lego is pretty amazing stuff and the boy does certainly use it.  (Well, he uses what hasn’t been vacuumed up by yours truly, because I have sworn off picking up Lego bits, so if it’s on the floor when the vacuum goes by, it’s so long suckers!) *ahem*  So of course there will be lots of Lego on the Christmas list this year, but the one thing that needs to come before Christmas is, of course, the Lego Advent CalendarOf course. 

Now, we’re not a religious family by any stretch, and I had actually never heard of an Advent Calendar until I was in high school.  I took German for 4 years, and our teacher always had at least one Advent Calendar (or Adventskalendar) in our classroom, and every day a different student would get to open a window and enjoy the chocolate that was hidden in there.  These Adventskalendars came from Denninger’s, the big European grocery and deli downtown.  They cost about a dollar each back then, and I’m pretty sure they’re still less than $5 now.  So not a huge investment.

By the time I order this Lego one and pay shipping and US dollars, it’s going to cost close to $50.  And there’s no chocolate, so The Artist has informed me that he’s going to also need a chocolate one too because, well duh.  But, I guess if the Lego one is  the kind of thing that can be used again and again, it might be worthwhile.  And it looks pretty cool, I have to admit.

But the rule still stands:  bits on floor = major suckage.  Literally.

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