What in heaven’s name you tawkin’ about?

So Gangs of New York was on TV last night.  And so I watched it.  The Musician was over at a friend’s house watching a movie and The Artist had gone to bed (cos he’s only 10, y’all) and The Genealogist had gone to bed (cos he’s sick, y’all) so it was just me in the hizzouse.

And I get that I was maybe a little bit drunk (just a few glasses of wine) and I get that it was late, and I get that it was on commercial television, so who knows what might have been cut out.  But all I can say is – What?  The fuck?  I really just uh what?  I don’t know.

It seems like a movie I would totally like, but I just did not get it AT ALL.  Now, I am not exactly the queen of  complicated moviedom.  I have been known to watch movies more than once and still have trouble following them (Hunt for Red October and The Usual Suspects, I’m looking at you).  But Gangs of New York seemed like it should have been pretty straightforward so I don’t know.  Should I give it another shot, blogfriends?  Maybe at a decent hour and with less wine?  I honestly don’t know if I could, but if someone out there thinks it deserves a do-over, then I’m willing to consider it. 

Although I’m just not sure I can watch Cameron Diaz in anything without drinking…heavily.

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