Domesticity! Brought to you by… a torn meniscus!

So yeah, I am baking brownies tonight instead of going to karate class because of the aforementioned meniscus tear.  It sucks, but I need to take a couple of weeks off high-impact activities, and I’m trying to be good about it, so I don’t re-injure.  There’s also a Baker’s Cyst in there too, which is pretty hilarious actually, now that I think of it – you know,  baking and all – awesome.  I have also prepped tomorrow night’s dinner and am about to go iron my dress for work tomorrow and ensure the boys all have clean underwear.  Seriously, Barbara Billingsley might be gone but June Fucking Cleaver lives on in my house, yo.   At least until I can get back to karate.

So because I’m not a bigtime baker, I was online earlier looking for a recipe for brownies.  I did a big old Google search which brought me to what I thought was the Fry’s Cocoa website (Fry’s being the only brand of cocoa I recognize) but it was actually this.  And I was confused. And my first thought was “What?  Why?”  Who, I wondered, are these international people who covet and/or crave Canadian shizzle like cocoa and Smarties?  And is there seriously a market for this?  But then I entered the website and received a friendly welcome (of course!) and then I understood that they are catering to Canadians living abroad.  And I guess that does make sense, because I am pretty sure that if I was living somewhere where I couldn’t consume Miss Vickie’s sea salt and malt vinegar chips 0n at least a semi-regular basis, I would seriously start to question my reasons for having up and left the country where they are readily available.  So well done, Canadian, this is indeed an excellent venture.  And the brownies are fantastic, too.

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